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Isaias’s Somalia Conundrum By Yonas Araya

Isaias’s Somalia Conundrum

Now that the face-saving sensational public drama elegantly presented by the totalitarian ruler of Eritrea for the new president of Somalia is over, what’s next? Also, what can one surmise?

It appears more and more that the totalitarian ruler of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, not only had the Somali children involved in the war on the people of Tigray but also he or his generals may have ordered them to commit war crimes. If that proves accurate, it will be a massive embarrassment for the nation of Somalia and evidence of war crime against Isaias. Again, if that proves valid, Isaias won’t escape accountability, nor can he blame the Somali children or his generals alone. 

Either way, if that proves true, no doubt, the people and nation of Somalia will, in time, be able to deal with the shame brought about by Isaias and their former president. Still, no doubt, that conundrum must also be scaring the hell out of the self-appointed, president-for-life, the totalitarian ruler of Eritrea. 

Again, it seems then the Tyrant is trying to persuade the seasoned Somali politician to help him bury the evidence and escape responsibility by cajoling, if that does not work, with a bribe, maybe even to the tune of 100+ million US dollars, to buy off the silence of the families of the deceased Somali children, and their nation.

(The amount is not an exaggeration. Isaias may never give a damn about Eritrean lives, but he cares so much about his own life that he would give away half of Eritrea to escape accountability and save his neck.) 

(Yeah, we all had heard about the 50 million US dollars of a ransom payment. But that fake rumor could only have come out from Shaebia’s giant propaganda machine, known as “Bado Seleste.” Isaias always accuses others of what he plans to do to them next.)

But then again, if cajoling and bribing fail to work with the seasoned Somali president, the totalitarian ruler will no doubt resort to blackmailing, lying, intimidation, and even to turning around and demanding a huge ransom.

During the armed struggle and after Eritrea’s independence, Isaias is believed to have eliminated thousands of innocent Eritreans, including those who had hitherto worshipped and loved him so much, and including bystanders and prison guards because, according to Isaias, they “knew too much and that someday might reveal the truths.” Isaias is known to execute anyone suspected of witnessing his crimes.

But how many Somali children can he eliminate, find excuses for their deaths, and keep the truth from escaping? Can the Tyrant take the chance of returning all Somalis home, despite knowing that he cannot control how each one of them will tell their stories?  Or how long can he keep all of them in Eritrea against their and their nation’s will? Or did Isaias have tempting offers for the seasoned Somali politician during his visit to Eritrea, offers the President couldn’t refuse? Did Isaias promise or lie to send tens of thousands of Eritreans off to die in Somalia fighting the Al-Shabab? Will the seasoned President be deceived by the rehearsed display of camaraderie by the Tyrant that he witnessed during his visit to Eritrea? After all, Somalia and Eritrea have absolutely nothing in common. Somalia is a democratic country, while Eritrea is a totalitarian police state. 

Anyway, I doubt the Tyrant has tens of thousands of Eritreans to spare for Somalia because, at this very moment, he is terrified that he needs every Eritrean child to die protecting him from what he surely knows is coming for him, and soon. Still, he could have lied and promised the President about sending a few for the time being, but that he would give him tens of thousands of Eritreans to die in Somalia, but only after “he defeats the TPLF. Let’s wait and see.